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Ultimate Nutrition Arginine Ornithine Lysine - 100 caps Amino Ac

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Hormones are central to human health and vitality. Hormonal balance in the body is essential to vibrancy, optimism and, indeed, the quality of life. In the hormonal network, no hormone plays a more critical role than human growth hormone. Growth hormone, as the name suggests, is necessary for growth in the formative years of puberty and teen years. After the human body has attained its adult size, its levels begin to dwindle ever so gradually. By the seventh decade of human life, the amount of growth hormone is reduced considerably. Decreased amounts of growth hormone lead to a number of symptoms that can cause chronic diseases. For example, reduced amounts of growth hormone result in a decrease of lean body mass, an increase of the adipose tissue, high levels of cholesterol, obesity, compromised immune function, and could contribute to psychological symptoms, such as depression. This indicates the importance of growth hormone in maintenance of health. The benefits of growth hormone are not only for the elderly whose ability to produce it naturally reduces with age. Growth hormone is essential for people of all age groups, but especially for the athlete and those exercise regularly. Stimulation of the body to produce growth hormone naturally can, therefore, have immense health benefits both to maintain good health but also to fend against the aging process. Thus, induction of growth hormone could potentially help delay the onset of age-related frailties. For certain, there are magic bullets to help the body produce growth hormone. The human body, however, is pliable enough to be primed to produce and secrete growth hormone in requisite amounts. Even though there is no substitute for regular exercise, which helps produce growth hormone, Ultimate Nutrition's Arginine Ornithine Lysine is designed to help produce growth hormone to ensure all its health benefits. These amino acids are known to induce growth hormone. These amino acids function in a synchronized manner to block the growth hormone inhibitor, somatostatin. Whereas both arginine and lysine have been shown in clinical studies to induce growth hormone, their effect is potentiated in the presence of ornithine. Even though the body can produce ornithine from dietary arginine, which cannot be produced by the body. Clinical studies have demonstrated that ornithine in combination with arginine and lysine works best in younger individuals, especially those on an active exercise regimen. This "stacking" of amino acids has many health benefits for people in all age groups. The importance of growth hormone can hardly be overemphasized. In its commitment to provide high-quality products to its customers, Ultimate Nutrition now has this amino acid cocktail to induce the secretion of growth hormone naturally without the need for pharmacological doses of recombinant growth hormone. Arginine Ornithine Lysine is an obvious choice to promote health and wellbeing at all stages of adult life.


Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 3 Caps 33 servings Amount Per Serving L-Arginine 750 mg L-Ornithine 750 mg L-Lysine 750 mg Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Cellulose, Dicalcium phosphate, and magnesium stearate.d.m


Use: Take three (3) capsules daily, preferably before bedtime

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