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Young Again Hair Again 57g For Men Only

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Young Again Hair AgainAfter reviewing the international published literature on alopecia for the last three decades, the first truly scientific product for treating hair loss has been developed. Young Again's Hair Again® therapy gel is the world's most advanced follicle nutrition formula. Treating Hair Loss: Hair loss in men is a very complex issue with a large genetic component. Not only is this a very involved issue with genetic factors, but each man varies greatly biologically so we cannot generalize very much. To just say that DHT binding to follicles causes hair loss is over-simplifying the situation. Blood levels of DHT or any other hormone have not been shown to be clearly correlated with baldness. It is profitable to see hair loss as scalp dysfunction in men and women. The hair follicles no longer get the proper nutrients and hormones and lose their ability to grow hair. As your scalp gets healthier it will feel better. No more itching, flaking, redness, irritation and other scalp problems. This is how you’ll know your hair follicles are waking up and ready to produce hair again. It is important to realize that any synthetic drug such as minoxidil simply treats the symptom while ignoring the cause. Minoxidil has been proven ineffective for over a decade now as has finasteride (Propecia®). There are no current drugs that treat hair loss effectively. There are also no OTC products that have any value despite the advertising claims. Hair transplants rob Peter to pay Paul. The most promising remedy will be scalp cloning aka hair replication but will probably not be available until about 2015. It is also important to realize that no “exogenous” products will do anything as they lose their effectiveness after about six months. Exogenous simply means substances that do not naturally exist in our bodies or in common food. Therefore, the use of such exogenous substances as aloe vera, curcumin, green tea and the like cannot be used. We can only use “endogenous” substances in any topical hair loss formula. Endogenous means ones that exist naturally in our bodies or in common food we eat. The follicles only need nanograms or micrograms of the following substances. Minerals are not included in this formulation as they should be taken internally. Minerals are vital here.

Young Again Hair Again12 proven ingredients. The most advanced hair growth topical gel in the world. Based on 20 years of research. Contains CoQ10, S.O.D., Vitamin E, Glutathione, Beta Glucan, Beta Carotene, Vitamins A and D3, Beta-Sitosterol, Quercetin, Progesterone, and Melatonin. Formulated for men only. Don't wait until it's too late - Get HAIR AGAIN® and keep the hair you have! Formulated for men only There are twelve endogenous ingredients in Hair Again® in the biologically significant amounts that will feed the hair follicles. Let’s discuss each of these: BETA GLUCAN- the most powerful immune enhancer known to science and more effective than interferon alpha. Please read Roger Mason's book What Is Beta Glucan? for more information. Beta glucan has powerful topical properties that bolster the immune system of your scalp. 100 mg of actual beta glucan in every jar. BETA-SITOSTEROL- is a powerful 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, the most powerful supplement known for lowering cholesterol, and the most effective prostate supplement known to science. Please read Roger Mason's The Natural Prostate Cure for more information. Topical use of beta-sitosterol has great potential to match the proven internal uses. This helps stop the transformation of beneficial testosterone to DHT. 100 mg per jar. CoEnzymeQ10- the premier anti-oxidant has such impressive science behind it and now is being used topically in face creams. This costs $1,000 a kilogram. Every month more studies show the power of CoQ10 supplementation as we age. A full 100 mg per jar. GLUTATHIONE- is one of the two (S.O.D. is the other) most important anti-oxidants in our bodies. Topical use of glutathione also has great potential to match the proven internal benefits. Glutathione scavenges dangerous free radicals. 100 mg per jar. PROGESTERONE- is not a feminine hormone at all since it opposes and balances excess estrogens in our bodies. Estradiol and estrone are the feminizing hormones. Men over 50 literally have more estrogen in their blood than their post-menopausal wives! This excess estrogen is a cause of baldness, obesity, impotence and other male aging problems. Men with prostate disorders use small amounts of transdermal progesterone for better prostate function and metabolism. 30 mg per jar. BETA CAROTENE - a powerful anit-oxidant found in our food. Works synergistically with Vitamin A. 10,000 I.Us per jar. VITAMIN E- is one of the most important vitamins for healthy skin. The internal and external uses of vitamin E have been known for decades now. 30 IU per jar which is the Recommended Daily Allowance. QUERCETIN- is a powerful antioxidant found in our daily food. The potential topical uses of this are very promising and are just starting to be investigated. This is a very underutilized and effective antioxidant. The published literature on the internal benefits is most impressive. 10 mg per jar, which equals the average daily dietary intake. MELATONIN- is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging hormone that regulates our biological clock. The anti-cancer properties of melatonin are being demonstrated all over the world. Finally we have seen this has dramatic topical powers for better skin health. Melatonin almost disappears in our blood and our skin as we age and falls from the time we are in our teens. 3,000 mcg per jar. S.O.D. (superoxide dismutase)- the other main antioxidant we have in our bodies besides glutathione. This is very expensive costing literally $1,000 a pint. S.O.D. also scavenges free radicals to protect our cells from damage. 1,000 PIU per jar. VITAMIN A- The most important of all vitamins for the skin. This is the safe and natural form of the prescription drug Retin-A®. The science on topical vitamin A goes back decades. 5,000 IU per jar. VITAMIN D- is really a hormone and most people are deficient in this. Vitamin D is not found in our food (except very small amounts in a few animal products). The topical value of vitamin D has been well proven in the scientific community. 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 are in every jar. OTHER INGREDIENTS are filtered water, Carbopol, soy oil, methyl and propyl parabens.If you see ingredients in other hair loss formulas not found in Hair Again® it is because they are advertising gimmicks with no science behind them. Hair Again® is the only formulation based on international scientific research over the last thirty years. All twelve ingredients are present in the amounts needed to feed the hair follicles. It takes months to see results. Some conditions are so advanced they simply aren’t going to respond.

Young Again Hair AgainSuggested Use: Apply 1/2 teaspoon daily to affected areas to provide nutrients to hair follicles.

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