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ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition Xtreme Blast 1.04kg lemon Pre Work

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ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition has the Most Advanced Pre-Workout Sports Energy Drink ever Developed Using State of the Art Natural Ingredients, Designed to be an Alternative to Banned Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Get ready to take Nitric Oxide Pre-Workout supplements beyond anything that has been seen before! Helping optimise Energy, Strength, Stamina, Mental Alertness and Exploding Muscle Pumps, this caffiene infused super sports and energy drink is designed for one purpose in mind.... getting you ready to explode into a massive performance.

This product is for the Athlete who wants to perform at the next level. Whether you are a tri-athlete, marathon runner or strength athlete like a footballer or sprinter, this advanced sports drink will blast you through any event. 

Pre-Workout Explosion
Like Xtreme Pump, Xtreme Blast is not just another Nitric Oxide formula or glorified energy drink with NO capabilities. It is the new generation of sports nutrition in which one of its many functions is to help enhance NO production. But Xtreme BLAST goes far deeper than just NO production. This caffeine infused product was designed with one thing in mind, to provide the ultimate performance enhancing effect. If you want to perform to a level beyond what you thought was capable for yourself, then Extreme Blast is for you. Xtreme Blast may be the answer you have been looking for without the use of banned drugs to try and enhance performance. Working on a level far deeper than any other nutritional supplement devised, Xtreme Blast addresses the issues of amplifying bio-chemical pathways and increasing the amount of energy in which the body can produce. Being caffeine infused, Xtreme Blast will take your adrenaline levels to mind blowing levels, making you feel like superman! It is the ideal pre-workout supplement for trainers who want to go that extra yard to become a winner. We can guarantee, you are in a win-win sitiation with Extreme Blast!.

Providing The Spark
Enhancing exercise performance involves the requirement of fuel and mechanisms to turn that fuel into energy. It is a bit like running a car. The fuel in the car provides the potential energy and the spark provides the ignition of that fuel into energy. To provide enhanced exercise performance you must supply fuel and a continued supply of spark to sustain high energy output. Lack one and you will soon grind to a halt. If you have a look at most sports supplements, they provide the fuel for increasing exercise performance, but they lack the spark in which to convert that fuel into energy. The spark has an energy requirement as well and it needs to be sustained for continued performance. Most sports nutrition companies do not think outside the box and then a lot of them do not think at all and just follow like sheep. The fuel that supplies muscle to contract is ATP. If you have a look at most sports supplements, they all supply ingredients to supply fuel to enhance ATP production. Products like creatine, citrulline, glucose, just to name a few. But none of them supply ingredients to enhance the spark. The spark being the electrical impulse sent from the brain to the muscle and the ignition of ingredients within that muscle to activate ATP. Muscle is classified as a biochemical transducer.

An effective chemical-mechanical transducer must meet several requirements;
(1) There must exist a constant supply of chemical energy - ATP is the chemical energy.
(2) There must be a means of regulating the mechanical activity – ie, the speed, duration and force of the contraction in the case of muscle. This is controlled by the nerves that activate the muscle.
(3) The machine must be connected to an operator, a requirement met in biologic systems by the central nervous system, connected and controlled by the brain. Supply energy to both systems and you will have sustained exercise performance. Amplify the function of both systems and you have enhanced exercise performance.

Train Smarter
The brain has a major role in exercise performance. The difference between being a champion or just a good competitor can be the mind set and the determination created by that mind set. In research it has been demonstrated that this psychological thinking influences physiological activity. Those of you who have seen ‘Pumping Iron’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger may remember him talking about his mental image of himself and how it helped shape his body. The opposite can also be said. Physiological activity can also influence psychological thinking. Just look at the many drugs that make you ‘high’ and induce feelings of pleasure and make you think that you are invincible. Both work hand in hand with each other. Enhancing the activity and performance of the brain will enable it to become more efficient in sending signals to the muscle (increase nerve activity and muscle fibre recruitment) and continue that activity (supply fuel for repeated nerve firing). This will not only supply the potential for increased strength but also increase stamina. Supply the fuel to the muscle and you have performance enhancement.

Become an High Performance Machine
The combination of ingredients in Xtreme Blast is such, that it may turn your body into an High Performance machine. For example; The male hormone, Testosterone is involved in increasing the size and strength of muscles and it is also involved in sexual function. It binds to receptors within cells which in turn activate messengers which control certain bio-chemical reactions to trigger mechanisms to increase muscle growth and strength and performance. The ingredients in Xtreme Blast are designed to inter-react and simulate messengers which may enhance the bio-chemical reactions which activate muscle strength and performance. This will in turn act like increased testosterone activity. Xtreme Blast may also activate other anabolic activity such as Insulin, Growth Hormone and growth factors.
But wait there’s more. Xtreme Blast was designed so that it may enhance bio-chemical pathways to provide performance enhancement and it has been designed to do this on many levels. Xtreme Blast was designed to enhance the body’s functions, from increasing brain activity, enabling maximum nerve recruitment to muscle, to amplifying the body’s energy systems and increasing nutrient transport into cells. It increases adrenaline levels through the roof, enabling increased reactions within the body to produce energy quicker. Xtreme Blast provides ‘the spark’ for continued maximum output. Because it may be involved on a physiologic level within many bio-chemical pathways, it has the potential to enhance any other nutritional supplement that you consume also.




Recommended Use for ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition Xtreme Blast: We suggest you take one or two servings of Xtreme Blast, mixed in no more than 300ml of water, around 30 - 15 minutes before you do your exercise or training. Xtreme Blast will work quick and in no time you will feel a rush of energy! By the time it comes for you to train, your body should be ready for BLAST off!

Extreme Results
From research performed on Xtreme Blast’s ingredients, it may help increase athletic performance by increasing the efficiency of all the body’s bio-chemical energy cycles. It may also increase nutrient uptake by muscle cells, and the function and efficiency of the brain may be enhanced to stimulate the bio-chemical energy cycles. It may also increase the rate at which that energy is produced. Indirectly, it may supply regeneration and growth of various cells associated with muscle movement and brain function, plus it may help repair any damage associated with by-products of the energy cycles. Because Xtreme Blast’s ingredients are involved in the bio-energy cycles, any other supplement or nutritional compound consumed, may also be made more effective.
What this means is that Xtreme Blast may give you the same performance enhancement that you would expect to see from a banned anabolic or stimulating drug. The first natural sports supplement drink in the world that may mimic its pharmaceutical counterparts and give you the edge that you have been looking for; More Pump, More Power, More Strength, More Stamina, a ‘Pre-Workout Explosion’.

The 5 Step Increased Performance Formula
1. Warm-up before you perform.
2. Stretch your muscles to make sure none are too tight which could cause an injury.
3. Get in the right mind-set. You are there to perform at your best.
4. Take one to two servings of Xtreme Blast.
5. Now get out there and perform like never before!

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The Ingredients for ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition Xtreme Blast 

The main ingredients in Xtreme Blast, aside from the caffeine to increase adrenaline levels, are the NANO Nucleotides (Nanotides). What’s that? Never heard of them before? Nucleotides are constituents found in very small quantities in mother’s milk. They are very important intracellular molecules of low molecular weight that participate in a wide variety of biochemical processes. Perhaps the best known role is to serve as precursors for RNA and DNA. However, they also serve in biologic systems as high energy sources, as regulatory signals in a wide variety of tissues and organisms, plus as components of the widely used co-enzymes within our body. Not only that, they also serve as high energy intermediates in carbohydrate metabolism, protein and lipid synthesis. (sugar, protein and fat utilisation). The Nucleotides serve many diverse functions in living organisms and until now they have been overlooked as an integral part of sports nutrition and nutrition in general. The research was there but until now this new science was unavailable because other sports supplement companies were unable to put the pieces of the puzzle together. With the advancement of NANO Technology, ASN have now just done that!

There are 5 major Nucleotides that Extreme Blast contains; Adenosine, Guanosine, Cytosine, Uridine and Inosine which are in a phosphate form. These are the active form of the nucleotides. One theory of energy fatigue is that the body is unable to keep with the production of the nucleotides during maximal exercise which leads to interuptions in the Kreb Cycle ( Energy Cycle) effecting the production of ATP.
There is also another very important Nucleotide, which is also classified as a Co-Enzyme and a vitamin. This very new exciting ingredient, for the first time being used in Xtreme Blast, is said to be the most potent anti-oxidant of all time. Its name is NADH! ---- NADH is located both in the mitochondria and cytosol of cells. It is necessary to oxidize (burn) all foodstuffs (fats, sugars, amino-acids) into ATP bio-energy. There are three interlinked energy production cycles: the glycolytic (sugar burning) and Krebs’ citric acid cycles (aminos and fats are "burned" through the Krebs’ cycle), and the electron transport chain. In the glycolytic cycle, the "waste" end product, pyruvate, helps power the Krebs’ cycle, while electron "sparks" released from the step by step slow "burning" that occurs in the Krebs’ cycle provide the fuel used by the electron transport chain to generate much of the ATP bio-energy that literally powers our life. NADH is involved in all of these different cycles, as well as in the conversion of the pyruvate end product of the glycolytic cycle into the beginning fuel of the Krebs’ citric acid cycle. Each unit of NADH is capable of generating three units of ATP energy. In a very real sense, NADH is the "energy of life" coenzyme. Together the different nucleotides inter-react with each other within bio-energy pathways. Also coupled with the nucleotides and caffeine in Xtreme Blast are other ingredients which may work together in helping increase exercise performance. These are Choline, Ornithine Alpha-Keto Glutarate, Arginine Alpha-Keto Glutarate, Folic Acid, NANO Creatine, NANO Taurine, B vitamins, Electrolytes, NANO Tyrosine and Phenylalanine.

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