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PVL HydroFlow XP3 3kg Protein Whey

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PVL Hydroflow XP3 Protein Powder
100% Specially Hydrolyzed Oligopeptide Whey Protein Isolate HYDROFLOW-XP3 is a revolutionary advancement in maximum protein uptake technology. Whey proteins come from dairy whey, a fraction of milk and a co-product of cheese production. Over the past 10 years special filtration processes have evolved producing higher and higher protein-containing whey supplements. There is an upper limit to how MUCH protein we can have a powder yield. But now there are new processes in making bio-active oligopeptides (specific lengths of amino acid chains that make up whey protein) even more absorbable! Imagine, a new wave of whey protein isolate that not only has a maximum volume of protein, but also now delivers never-before-seen uptake capabilities! HYDROFLOW-XP3 is the first protein powder to introduce a new technology that yields a potent protein isolate with over 99% pure whey fractions, which is over 20% more than the next best whey protein. To achieve this anabolically superior ratio, HYDROFLOW-XP3 contains only 100% specially hydrolyzed whey protein - other proteins that claim to be "hydrolyzed" typically only contain 30% of their protein as "hydrolyzed". A nice "side effect" from this technology is that it also practically wipes out the entire presence of lactose, that little "milk sugar" component that many athletes and adults have troubles with. Not only do we end up with a more pure protein, we also can digest it better and absorb more of it now! Many athletes are discovering the exclusive benefits only available from HYDROFLOW-XP3. Without a doubt, taking this amazing advanced whey protein isolate is like getting your hands on a protein powder with not just one but two supremely-anabolic turbo-chargers - stoked to the maxx! You could be feeling the difference today, too! If all you did was drink 2 HYDROFLOW-XP3 shakes a day (1 first thing in the morning or at night, and the second serving immediately after training) you could build a harder, leaner, stronger physique FASTER than with any other "normal" whey! HYDROFLOW-XP3's unique "100% specially hydrolyzed" process provides you with fast absorbing nitrogen for a freaky quick anabolic response. Engineered for ultra-fast up-flow of proteins RIGHT INTO the muscle. That's HYDROFLOW-XP3. That's the new wave of protein powder.


PVL Hydroflow XP3 Protein Powder
100% specially hydrolysed oligopeptide whey protein isolate. HYDROFLOW XP3 has a unique 100% specially hydrolysed process that provides you with fast absorbing, maximum protein uptake technology.
* High in BCAA's and other growth factors
* High Protein/low carb/low fat
* Low lactose

Ingredients: 100% specially hydrolysed 'Oligopeptide' whey protein isolate (Precision engineered whey peptide isolate fractions) consisting of Betalactoglobulin, Alpha-Lactalbumin, Proteose-Peptone, Glycomacropeptides [Gmp], B.S.A, Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Relaxin< Lactonin, Beta-Microglobulin (97% whey blend), Natural and artificial flavourings, Splenda brand sucralose(sweetener), Lecithin.


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